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All information about the new game version 0.8.64


Lukas Anetsberger

February 28, 2024

Patch Notes 0.8.64

Today we will give you a detailed overview of all the new features and fixes we added in the latest patch 0.8.64.

Ramping Up - Creating The Foundation

With patch 0.8.64, we are making the first step towards pushing the announced Year of Adoption mentioned in our recent blog post.


  • New Commander - Lady Ysara, the Paladin joins the roster
  • Araxi pet added to the game
  • Shop update with integrated Fiat NFT Checkout
  • Extended environment monitoring

🎮 Gameplay

Enhancing the gameplay and ecosystem experience by adding features that might look simple but will have a huge impact on the overall vision.

  • New Commander - Lady Ysara, the Paladin

    New Commander - Lady Ysara
    Lady Ysara brings justice to Altea
    • As commanders will get a more important role in the future in the gameplay of things, we decided to increase the roster where players can choose from. Lady Ysara, the Paladin is getting her fair spot in the lore and will eagerly bring justice to Altea.
  • New Pet - Araxi, the Wyvern finally lands in Altea

    New Pet - Araxi
    Araxi pet lands in Altea
    • Finally! Araxi, the Wyvern is not only a simple NFT but also integrated into the game.
    • All players that have earned the pet from our Waitinglist, can now use it in-game and show off to their opponent. While the rewarded Araxi comes in three different variants (Red, Blue, Green), this is not all and there is a surprise for all players that joined the ecosystem.
  • Shop update with integrated fiat NFT Checkout (Stripe, xMoney)

    New Araxi in the shop
    New Shop Design

    • TADA! Our shop got a huge rework and will be continuously updated in the next weeks and months with elements that will be added to the game.
    • Besides our NFT item chests, two new variants (Purple, White) of our beloved Araxi will also be available for purchase via the in-game shop.
    • But the redesign wasn't merely for aesthetics. We are eagerly looking for new solutions to make it even easier to join and tap into our ecosystem.
    • Shop Chests

    • As you can see in the screenshot above, Chests are now also buyable with USD and not only with $CGO. With this change, players do not need to buy $CGO first or play enough games to get access to some new items to increase the strength of their characters. They can now get a boost buy simply using their credit card, choosing between one of the following providers.
    • Shop Providers

    • Besides a direct purchase with $CGO you can now buy our NFTs and in-game assets with your credit card using Stripe or xMoney Fiat or with any other crypto you might have at hand via xMoney Crypto.

    • To celebrate the initial integration of these new payment providers, we decided to grant huge discounts to all the products. Check them out before it's too late!
    • The new shop will not only be a supplement to our $CGO based business model but has also an effect on the overall ecosystem. Besides growing our company to elevate Knights of Cathena to the next level with the revenue coming from Fiat purchases, we will also use a certain amount to add liquidity on a DEX in the future. With the rewards generated by that liquidity we will buy $CGO from the market and additionally burn it. Once the company is ready to do so, we will make a separated announcement with all the details.
  • Extended Monitoring Environment

    • We drastically increased the technical aspected of the environment monitoring of Knights of Cathena to be able to analyze and, most importantly, OPTIMIZE the game faster and more accurately.
  • 🛠️ Technical Adjustments

    Bugs appear now and then and we are eager to find them all!

    • Further improved loading times and stabilized gameplay

    • Tutorial prompt on initial sign-up

    This is the first update, dedicated to the Year of Adoption. More will come. The project will grow. You are a part of an amazing story.

    See you all in Altea! ⚔️

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Lukas Anetsberger

February 28, 2024

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