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Lukas Anetsberger

February 2, 2024

What a ride it has been since we released Knights of Cathena on September 30th last year. Quite a few challenges arose which we needed to take care of to build the fundament for the next chapter... which begins NOW!

Release Recap

The last few months were dedicated to stabilization. Be it the $CGO economy, the gameplay mechanics or the overall stability of the game, we realized that we need time to focus on those crucial points.

Those topics include:

  • Developing a system that is able to prevent multi-accounting the most efficient way
  • Heavily reduction of memory usage on the devices
  • Optimized the onboarding experience
  • Updated the gameplay in the favor of stragic gameplay we can built on in the future

We realized that even though we had a lot of downloads of the game, the conversion rate needed to be improved regarding installations of the game. With the latest update 0.8.62 we achieved exactly that.

We also decided to remove the referral system for now as the way it was, it was too vulnerable and abusable and would harm the ecosystem more than it has an positive impact. In the future we will introduce a new improved system and also migrate all your existing refs into it.

Of course, focusing on those topics delayed other things, but as those technical stuff is out of the way, we can focus on features again.

The Year Of Adoption

2024 will be the year of adoption. With Knights of Cathena we have the big goal of becoming the next Axie Infinity within the next crypto cycle. To achieve this we need to focus on the following things:


After the fundament is established, we will push our strategy of becoming market cycle independant. That's why we will focus heavily on several new income streams within Knights of Cathena to ensure it's long-time success.

With one of the next updates we will drastically rework our in-game Shop with not only a new design but also an integration with an on-ramp partner you might have heard of for our NFTs.

There will be more and more products added to the Shop to further enhance your gameplay experience. Stay tuned because this will be an absolute game changer.

Ecosystem changes - $CGO token distribution

We have intended our token to be "Proof of Play", which means the more time that is invested into our ecosystem the more value the $CGO token holds. That's why we reward players for winning matches against other players.

We noticed that this does not do the trick fully and is very vulnerable to bad behaviour (players trading wins, going AFK when they do not see a chance of winning, etc) or even multi-accounting. We therefore have designed a new distribution concept that will have a positive impact on the gameplay experience and to how players earn $CGO.

In the future, $CGO will be distributed based on the playstyle of the players, rather than just for a simple win. The better you play, the more rewards you earn. This of course also means that you will be able to earn rewards even if you lose a match, that is if you put up a worthy fight!

We will make a separated blog post on that once everything is defined fully, but we are already very advanced in the concept and it might come sooner than you think.

Player Retention - New Features

We don't want our players to just grind matches without having other missions in our fantasy world. And talking about "missions" is one of the next big topics for the game.

One of the next features we are focusing on is a Season Pass, that nicely fits into our seasonal mechanic to give players additional rewards not only on the end of each season but rather while climbing the ranks.

The Season Pass can be progressed by farming XP (Experience Points) which can be done by completing missions and quests we will introduce or by simply playing matches.

The Season Pass will hold several benefits for players to further boost their gameplay experience.


Some of you were already lucky enough to have gotten your hands on our unique pets. As the pets so far are very rare they do not get proper represenation in the game, which we aim to change with one of the next updates.

Players will get easier access to our pet collection that will constantly be extended. Also, pets will receive a more integrated experience to have actual impact on the battlefield.


Commanders, for now, are representing the players. So far they are only a cosmetic element for the player but their functionality will also be expanded in a later stage this year. We have very cool concepts in mind that we are sure our player base will go crazy about.

Noble Houses

And finally we have our Noble Houses. This will probably be the biggest feature in this year's development cycle. Due to the features I mentioned above we needed to postpone the actual release of our Noble Houses concept.

But even as this might take a good amount of time to be fully implemented and release ready, we will start an informational campaign soon that will reveal piece for piece how the feature will work. Believe us if we say, we can't wait to share that with you guys.

The Updated Roadmap

Long story short, here is the roadmap that reflects the recent developments:

Q1 2024 Monetization features, Season Pass, $CGO Token on-ramp
Q2 2024 New item set (with new attributes), New Character(s) and Commander update, New Arena(s), Lore updates, In-Game social features as preparation for Noble Houses
Q3 2024 Noble Houses, Item Renting, Updated Pet System
Q4 2024 V1.0 Release and push to traditional gaming market

Community AMA

We are aware that some of the updates might cause confusion and that's why, rather than just dump a wall of text to our community, we want to engage with you.

📢 We will host the first community AMA on February 15th at 17pm UTC where you can join and ask us every question that comes to your mind 📢

We don't have a final decision so far where we will host this but there will be a separate announcement, once everything is clear.

This year will be an an absolute blast to us as a company and for everyone in our community who joins this adventure. We are still honored to see such an amazing growth already even though we have not even started pushing out to public.

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Lukas Anetsberger

February 2, 2024

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