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Lukas Anetsberger

May 28, 2024

Our revered Goddess of Creation has spoken, and the time has come to unveil the full potential of the Forge! She has bestowed upon us this divine gift, and it’s now ready for you to harness its power. Previously, the Goddess hinted at the transformative capabilities of the Forge, and now we reveal all its secrets. Prepare to transform your gameplay and elevate your items to new heights as the Forge revolutionizes the way you interact with your gear and enhances your strategic prowess on the battlefield.

The FORGE, a sanctuary of disassembly, transformation, craftsmanship and modification ...

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πŸ“’ This article will be constantly updated. Please be aware that values may be subject to change and may require rebalancing if necessary.

Glossary - What is What?

Forge - The Forge serves as a dedicated place in KoC where players will utilize their items. Starting from exchanging unused items resulting in crafted new, valuable gems with precious virtual crafting material Dust.

Dust - Dust is a pure virtual good in the KoC app. You will receive it mainly by destroying NFT items, later via in-game actions, season passes, rewards, shop etc.

Gems - Gems are NFTs and can be minted by Dust. There are a variety of gems and each one will offer different benefits when socketed into gear.

Sockets - Each item (equipment) can hold 0 to 2 sockets and each socket can obtain 1 gem. Adding sockets is done in the Forge by exchanging Dust and $CGO.

Gems - Newest NFT Collection

By choosing the right gem for the right gear, players can significantly enhance the stats of the equipment, making them more formidable in combat. Gems are NFTs and fully tradeable on the blockchain.

Check out the table of all gems later in this article.

Forge - A sanctuary

New Resource: Dust

You will receive dust when you dismantle items from your inventory. The quality of the item(s) does not matter, so e.g. a 1% quality item will result in the same amount of Dust as a high 80% item. See the table for conversion rates.

Despite the quality of items, the rarity of selected items matters. Dust is available in each rarity and can only produce gems in the same rarity: uncommon, rare, epic and legendary.

Dust is not affected by character classes (Knight, Archer, Mage, Cleric) or item types (Helmet, Pants, Weapon, Chest, Boots).

You will find the suitable functions in your Inventory. There is even a batch process to dust a bunch of items comfortably like "Merge All".

❗️ Dusting an item is a blockchain transaction. The item (CITEM) will be burned and is not recoverable. You will receive the virtual resource dust to mint once again a NFT (CGEM) or perform actions in-game.

Dust Conversion Rates

Each single item will produce an amount of Dust.

Level (Item) Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
1 10 10 10 10
2 30 30 30 30
3 90 90 90 90
4 270 270 270 270
5 810 810 810 810

πŸ™ We are already aware of trade-up dust from lower to higher rarities by a conversion rate. This is not part of the next patch, but will be added in the future.


Each item can hold up to 2 sockets. Sockets have to be added by the player and remain on the items throughout trading and swapping. Sockets are part of the NFT asset.

Sockets themselves are not removable, but a gem can be removed from the socket place and added to your inventory afterward.

In-game footage: Different visualizations of sockets.


Gems can be socketed onto items and boost their attributes by a certain benefit. There are different styles to utilize gems, so craft your personally desired gem.

Name Benefit Level
Amber Boosts Quality points by +[16 - 48]%, which in turn boosts all affected attributes: HP, ATK and DEF.
Capped by 100%
Amber - Level 1 Amber - Level 2 Amber - Level 3 Amber - Level 4 Amber - Level 5
Amethyst Boosts LST (Lifesteal) by +[10 - 50]% Amethyst - Level 1 Amethyst - Level 3 Amethyst - Level 2 Amethyst - Level 4 Amethyst - Level 5
Emerald Boosts HP (Hitpoints) by +[5 - 25]% Emerald - Level 1 Emerald - Level 3 Emerald - Level 2 Emerald - Level 4 Emerald - Level 5
Opal Boosts SHL (Selfheal) by +[10 - 50]% Opal - Level 1 Opal - Level 3 Opal - Level 2 Opal - Level 4 Opal - Level 5
Ruby Boosts ATK (Attack) by +[5 - 25]% Ruby - Level 1 Ruby - Level 3 Ruby - Level 2 Ruby - Level 4 Ruby - Level 5
Sapphire Boosts DEF (Defense) by +[5 - 25]% Sapphire - Level 1 Sapphire - Level 3 Sapphire - Level 2 Sapphire - Level 4 Sapphire - Level 5
Topaz Boosts CRT (Critical Hit Chance) by +[10 - 50]% Topaz - Level 1 Topaz - Level 3 Topaz - Level 2 Topaz - Level 4 Topaz - Level 5

πŸͺ§ Topaz, Opal and Amethyst are added proportional to the base values. Example: A Topaz Level 2 will boost the 5% CRT of your item by +20% resulting in +6% CRT. Please be aware that all values are subject to change and may require rebalancing.

Each gem is available in each rarity: uncommon, rare, epic and legendary. Gem, Dust and socketed items have to be in the same rarity! For example, you can't use rare gems in legendary weapons.

Gems are upgradable in levels from 1 to 5, increasing their benefits and ability to boost the socketed item in different attributes.

Crafting Costs

Level required Gems
(previous level)
accumulated Gems required Dust accumulated Dust
I 0 0 50 50
II 3 3 50 200
III 3 9 50 650
IV 3 27 50 2000
V 3 81 50 6050


πŸ’‘ Coming soon!

Stay curious πŸ€”

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Lukas Anetsberger

May 28, 2024

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