Announcing the new feature "Forge" and upcoming NFT collection


Lukas Anetsberger

May 15, 2024

Work in progress: The Forge in-game footage.

Mortals of Cathena, heed our words. In infinite generosity, the goddess blesses the land of humans with the release of a new, powerful and mighty feature. She entrusts this sacred task of crafting and forging to all brave souls who fight in her name. Your hands will be empowered to shape the destiny of your items, turning junk into valuable goods.

The FORGE, a sanctuary of disassembly, transformation, craftsmanship and modification, will be open soon to all who seek to elevate their might and honor.

The Forge: Giving Items a New Destiny

The Forge is your new go-to place for dismantling items, receiving and spending crafting materials, altering items and forging gems and jewelry. This innovative feature allows you to reuse and recycle unwanted items, making them more valuable than ever. No longer will unused items gather dust or sit in the marketplace for ages - instead, they will become Dust as the first crucial crafting resource in Altea.

Dust serves as the lifeblood of all craftsmanship, fueling the creation and enhancement of your prestige gear.

Gems - New NFT Collection

Mystical artifacts, blessed by the goddess herself, each imbued with extraordinary powers and unparalleled beauty, waiting to be discovered by the most valiant among you. A treasure secured by the blockchain and freely tradeable. Holding the essence of ancient magic, gems will give items new purposes and increase the value of each of them.


Key functionalities as well as upcoming possible mechanics of the forge are almost limitless. But all good and stable starts with a solid base. We will ship the minimally viable version of a forge soon (within this month). As the Forge is built on NFTs we will release the NFT collection simultaneously.

Holding onto items with no purpose and feeling the pressure to sell them in the marketplace will soon be relics of the past.

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Lukas Anetsberger

May 15, 2024

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