Brace yourselves, pets are coming!


Lukas Anetsberger

February 21, 2023

Get ready for the final challenge in the Closed Alpha and earn a special reward!

Closed Alpha - The Journey So Far

Knights of Cathena has been around for quite some time now. We received a huge amount of feedback from you, our community, and relentlessly integrated every bit of it into the game. The result is absolutely amazing. Achieving a quantum leap in terms of design and gameplay quality with the latest patch.

But again, this is only the beginning and we are ready to enter the final phase of the Closed Alpha.

The Final Phase

Of course we hear you and we know that most of you are waiting eagerly for the mainnet launch. And believe us when we say: So. Are. We.

That's why with the release of the last patch, we're officially ushering in the final phase of the Closed Alpha.

This means that we have built almost all of the features we want to include in the Alpha version of the game... except for the last two.

One of these features will be kept a secret while the other will be announced right now.


Gotta catch 'em all! Yes you have read right. Pets. Small, mysterious, cute, and awesome creatures will be integrated into the game to support you on the battlefield (even thought it's more a motivational support).

The Very First

For starters we only want to include one pet into the game. The reason for this is to reward you, our loyal community, and all closed alpha testers before everyone else.

Some of you may ask which pet we are talking about. This will be announced soon so keep your eyes peeled, for now here is a small sneak peek:


Pets in Knights of Cathena will be a special NFT that can be placed beside the battlefield to give your characters moral support.

Limited Time Only

The pet for this challenge will ONLY be claimable by participating in the Closed Alpha testphase. After the testphase has ended, there will be no more chance of obtaining it besides buying it from another player within our in-game marketplace.

The Challenge - How Does It Work?

We already have very committed players in the Closed Alpha and we think it's only fair to take their dedication into account. Therefore we will bind the NFT-Pet reward to the already existing quest rewards.

Which means in short:

📢 Players that have collected a minimum of 100.000 Red Gems within the game, earned by completing quests, will be able to claim the NFT pet 📢

The only thing you have to do now is to continue playing the game and completing all remaining quests.

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Lukas Anetsberger

February 21, 2023

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