Welcoming the first players in the lands of Altea


Lukas Anetsberger

May 24, 2022

Opening the gates to the Closed Alpha of Knights of Cathena

Let's Get The Party Started

So far the Waitinglist was a blast, a lot of people participated and farmed 💠XP to climb the leaderboard. But, even if the farming engaged a lot of new Mortals and grew our community in an organic way, at some point we do not want to reward you with just "virtual" points and keep our promises. That's why it's time to give you updates on the thing you've all been waiting for: THE GAME.

With the snapshot of the Top 100 characters on the Waitinglist, taking place on June 1st, 2022, we are hyped to give you yet another concrete date you can mark in your calendar and that is the kick-off of the first Closed Alpha phase.


Long story short, the gates for the first players will open on

📢 15th of June 2022, 1 PM UTC 📢

We can't wait for our community to set foot into Altea, beating their very first opponents on the battlefield. We will share everything you need to know and do our very best to create an awesome experience, although we are sure you will encounter bugs.

How to Start?

Let me guide you through the process of entering the Closed Alpha.

Claiming Your Access Code

Once the snapshot is taken, you will find all relevant information about it in your character tab.


Every snapshot will be listed there, visualizing your rank at the time of the snapshot. If your rank is eligible for the snapshot taken you will be presented with a button to claim your access code for the Closed Alpha.

Downloading The Game Client

As this is the Closed Alpha and not the final version of the game we need to work with limitations on the distribution side of things and that ultimately affects the availability of the clients.

We do our very best to provide the client directly on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, but we can't guarantee anything. Especially in regards to the iOS version.

What we can say for sure is that the game will be downloadable for Android and PC directly from our website.

Entering The Access Code

The first thing you need to do is sign in with one of your social accounts like Google, Facebook, etc. (of course traditional email login is also available). Afterward, a popup will appear (see below) for the Closed Alpha testphase, asking you to enter the before-mentioned access code.


Here you need to enter your access code and submit it. Once the code is validated you can start playing the game. That's it.

Keep in mind that this access code can only be used once! So be careful on which account you're using it on. Once you redeemed your code, you can not use it for another account.

Testing And Rewards

As the whole goal of the test phases is to ensure a high level of quality in a fixed amount of time with an increasing number of players, we want the phases to be as efficient as possible. Therefore we came up with a system similar to our Waitinglist.

In short: There will be quests and achievements, and there will be virtual points as rewards for completing them.

At the end of the Alpha Testphase and once our TGE is completed, those virtual points determine the amount of $CGO rewards you will earn.

Top 300 Snapshot

After a lot of internal discussions, we came to the conclusion that we will widen the Top 100 snapshot, taking place on the 1st of June, and we'll instead take one snapshot for the Top 300 players for the first phase of the Closed Alpha.

New Schedule And NFTs

To make things a little bit more interesting and efficient, we decided to update the early stage of the Closed Alpha. With that being said, we split the first phase into three sub-phases (Top 100, Top 200, Top 300), resulting in a schedule for the first phase like this:

Closed Alpha Phase 1
June 1 Top 300 Snapshot
June 15 Top 100 start playing Special NFT reward for reaching Top 100 on the leaderboard
June 22 Top 200 start playing Special NFT reward for reaching Top 200 on the leaderboard
June 29 Top 300 start playing Special NFT reward for reaching Top 300 on the leaderboard
Closed Alpha Phase 2
❓ Top 500 Snapshot
. . .

The rest of the schedule stays the same, as announced in our waitinglist blogpost.

As an additional reward, everyone in the Top 300 will receive a unique NFT depending on his place on the leaderboard.

Token Rewards

Of course, NFTs are not the only reward for participating in the Closed Alpha. After the TGE, our token $CGO will be distributed according to the earned virtual points during the Closed Alpha.

That's why we want to distribute 1.5% of the total supply from the community bucket to all participating players.

As mentioned before, this amount will be split over all participating players depending on their earned points from completing quests and achievements in-game.

Easter Eggs

As some of you noticed we added some easter eggs to our Waitinglist to further engage people, literally checking everything thoroughly. We had a long discussion if we should add easter eggs in the Closed Alpha client as well and came to the conclusion that we do not want to add them in the game.

The start of the Closed Alpha marks one of the most important milestones of the project. As you, our community will get their hands on the game for the first time. This is very exciting for us and we can't wait to let you enter the world we've built, a world that we will expand together in the future!

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Lukas Anetsberger

May 24, 2022

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