Partnership announcement of Ashswap and Knights of Cathena!


Lukas Anetsberger

July 28, 2023

Knights of Cathena and Ashswap join forces to supercharge the MultiversX ecosystem.

Good news, mortals! The goddess officially has a powerful new ally: the hardcore DeFi builders at Ashswap. Read on to discover what this partnership is all about, and how we will work together to elevate the entire MultiversX ecosystem!

DeFi meets Web3 gaming

This summer has been a high-energy period for both KoC and AshSwap. At Knights of Cathena, we recently announced our $CGO mainnet token launch on Entity, revamped our game’s graphics, and been listed on several top gaming platforms like the Epic Games Store and the App Store. The AshSwap Team has also been very busy since their stable-swap DEX went live earlier this year, launching new features like Bribes, new integrations with projects like Hatom, and more.

Since the goddess recognizes AshSwap as some of the most relentless builders in the blockchain realm, we have decided to join forces to uplift MultiversX and Web3 together. Although our mission is about unleashing next-level Web3 gaming and AshSwap’s focus is building a revolutionary DeFi layer, both of our projects share a lot of common ground and common goals for supercharging the blockchain space. So, how will this partnership work in practice?

Pushing together for mass adoption

Whether you are a DeFi wizard or a GameFi superstar, we can all agree that more people should start taking advantage of Web3’s groundbreaking potential. As an innovative Web2.5 game, Knights of Cathena shows Web2 gamers that Web3 gaming can be exciting and rewarding without needing extensive research or expensive NFTs to get started. On the other hand, AshSwap demonstrates how you can become your own bank and earn attractive rewards while overcoming challenges like slippage or impermanent loss.

That’s why we are thrilled to announce that AshSwap will be one of the first exchanges to list the $CGO token once it goes live! With AshSwap’s enthusiastic community and intuitive user experience, we are excited to immediately have a secure and user-friendly platform where you can buy or sell your Cathena Gold. This will help ensure our launch process goes as smoothly as possible, and that users who want more $CGO after the launchpad will have easy access.

It's still Day 1

Despite recent milestones, don’t forget that it’s still Day 1 for Knights of Cathena and the broader MultiversX Network! So while we are very much looking forward to our token being listed on AshSwap, this is only the beginning for $CGO and this exciting partnership. As we continue to build, stay tuned for more DeFi integrations with projects like AshSwap involving the $CGO token and the Knights of Cathena ecosystem.

Overall, we want to make decentralized finance accessible for the next wave of Web3 users. Once new gamers start playing KoC and earning tokens, they are in a prime position to start investing with user-friendly DeFi protocols like AshSwap. Since this is an evolving partnership, make sure to follow us and Ashswap on Twitter to find out about more upcoming integrations and synergies. Plus, don’t forget to stay tuned for more info about our token launch on Entity coming soon!

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Lukas Anetsberger

July 28, 2023

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