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Lukas Anetsberger

December 03, 2023

Patch Notes 0.8.54

With this article, we will give you a detailed overview of all the new features and fixes we added in the latest patch 0.8.54.

Old year - brand new mechanics

With patch 0.8.54, we have made massive changes to the mechanics and user interaction on the battlefield. Now you can choose your turn order, navigate faster to perform your desired action, and defeat your opponent's strategy.


  • Introducing Turn-Order Gameplay
  • Redesigned Gameplay UI
  • Major Item Rebalancing
  • Adjusted character types
  • Added a bunch of quality bugfixes

🎮 Gameplay

All new by the end of 2023. Existing concepts and features are being adapted to our vision of an immersive, strategic and entertaining game. We are excited to bring a new experience to our community.

  • Introducing Turn Order Gameplay - Formation Editor

    Formation Editor - Formation turn order
    Newly added turn order bar in Formation Editor
    • In our new vision, it is up to the player to decide how their army of characters will pressure and attack the enemy. We are empowering players to be more strategic and encouraging them to think about unit composition before the battle begins. It is not possible to change the order of battle once it has started.
    • When a new character is added to the formation, it will be added to the next free space in the line. The player can freely adjust the order of the turn by dragging and dropping in the newly added bar.
    • The maximum number of characters in the formation, ancient power levels and minimum ancient power levels for ranking stars remain the same.
  • Introducing Turn Order Gameplay - Battle Mechanics

    Gameplay UI - Full
    At the start of a match
    • The starting player is still randomly chosen and players cannot influence this. The player's chosen turn order will then be determined alternately, one at a time.
    • If players have different numbers of characters in their formation, the remaining characters will be placed in consecutive order. Bringing fewer characters into battle will not cause them to move more often. Think twice about whether your smaller army can withstand more attacks from the enemy. It is up to the player whether better equipped characters but sacrificed turns are the way to victory.
    • Killing a character removes it from the battlefield and the turn order. It is intended that there will be more consecutive attacks by one player in the mid to late game. Take care of the incoming multiple attacks or you will be overwhelmed.
    • You still win by either killing the commander or annihilating all enemy characters.
  • Gameplay UI Redesign

    Gameplay UI - fully expanded
    All overlays expanded
    • The game interface has been redesigned to meet the new needs of players. A brief overview of the panels, information and options.
    • Player profiles have been redesigned in the top left and right corners of the screen. You can see the name, the chosen commander, the Ancient Power of his formation and the remaining health of the commander as hearts.
    • Each character has their current turn order next to their health bar. It is framed by a small shield icon and is updated as characters are killed and the game progresses.
    • At the bottom left is a very important and informative panel. This is a prediction of both players' current and future characters based on the current turn order. On the left is the character/player currently in charge of acting. All his stats, such as attack, defence, etc., are visualised in a color-coded bar. For each upcoming character, we display health points, profile pictures and ancient powers, color-coded in red and blue. You can click on the profile image to quickly locate the character on the battlefield.
    • In the bottom right-hand corner, you can see the character you are currently targeting. In addition to the damage prediction, the remaining health points and the profile image, we also display the character's equipment. By clicking on the item slot, you can see detailed information such as name, level, quality and explicit stats. You can quickly open and close this view for any character on the battlefield at any time.
  • Gameplay User Experience Redesign

    Gameplay UX
    Four actions to get you to your desired result faster
    • Ref. 1: In "Planning Mode" you can click through all characters on the battleground and see range and attack pattern. Tiles are not fully saturated.
    • Ref. 2: Skip/Hold position directly above your character who is in charge of an action/turn.
    • Ref. 3: Move within the movement pattern and confirm the action by clicking the button.
    • Ref. 4: Attack within the attack pattern and confirm the action by clicking the button.
  • Major Rebalancing Characters / Items

    Knight 111 50 51 130% 3%
    Archer 91 67 40 90% 4%
    Mage 80 76 36 120% 3%
    Cleric 101 27 36 120% 3%
    All character base stats - Patch 0.8.52 - before
    Knight 951 450 551 95%
    Archer 901 501 500 85%
    Mage 851 551 400 100%
    Cleric 901 301 476 95%
    All character base stats - Patch 0.8.54 - now
    • Attribute "evasion" is removed without replacement. Missing due to reduced accuracy of a character will remain in the game as it is part of the balancing of the different character types.
    • The HP, ATK and DEF attributes will be increased by a factor of 10. This will allow us to introduce new items, characters and builds.
    • Lifesteal, critical hit chance, and self-healing will be increased and adjusted for overall gameplay.
    • The base stats of the characters, and therefore their items, will be adjusted to fit our vision of the game and its mechanics.
    • Maximum movement for mages, clerics, and knights is 4 squares, and 5 squares for archers. Attack patterns remain the same.
    • The cleric will heal the target by the same amount, regardless of the distance. The distance modifier "the far the lesser heal" is removed. Healing pattern remains the same.

    High Critical Damage from Mage
    Don't we like big numbers?
  • Added Penalties

    • Surrendering from a match is only allowed once every 30 minutes.
    • Being inactive in a game for multiple turns will reduce the player's turn times.
      The reduced timings will be reset when you make a valid move.
  • Originally, we wanted to update the tutorial to reflect the gameplay changes we've made. We also didn't want to make the community wait any longer for the new gameplay and rebalancing of items and mechanics, so we decided to postpone this until the next patch. This also applies to the integration of the NFT pet Araxi.

    See you all in Altea! ⚔️

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Lukas Anetsberger

December 03, 2023

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