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All information about the new game version 0.8.48


Lukas Anetsberger

October 13, 2023

Patch Notes 0.8.48

With this article we will give you a detailed overview of all the new features and fixes we added in the latest patch 0.8.48.

All about onboarding

With patch 0.8.48 we are mainly focusing on the user experience especially in the early stages and overall improvements regarding user experience.


  • New Campaign "Beginner's Trial"
  • Link Ashswap in the Shop

🎮 Gameplay

In addition to the overall upgrade of existing gameplay features there are also new ones coming to this patch.

  • New Campaign "Beginner's Trial"

    • We introduced a new set of common items (non-NFTs) which reduced the strength gap between the already existing common itemms (NFTs) and items drawn from item chests.
    • We call them Common+ (Common Plus). As mentioned those items are NO NFTS and can be earned in a, so far, unique featue: Campaigns.
    • The first ever campaign introduced in Knights of Cathena got the name "Beginner's trial".

    • Main Menu - Beginners Trial

    • To progress in the campaign you have to do one simple thing: Play matches. In a quest-based manner you can unlock the Common+ items one after another.
    • The only requirement for the missions to progress is to have a minimum of 1000 AP in the formation and you are not allowed to surrender a match.

    • Beginners Trial

  • Link to Ashswap directly from the game

    • As a quality of life feature, we have now embedded a direct link to Ashswap where players can jump to, if they want to buy our $CGO token.

    • Main Menu - Beginners Trial

👷‍♂️ Bug Fixes

Bugs appear now and then and we are eager to find them all!

  • Players no longer get matched up with other players while playing

  • Players no longer get matched when double-clicking and then canceling the search

  • Pets are no longer included in multi-merge

  • Increased button sizes in profile

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Lukas Anetsberger

October 13, 2023

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