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Lukas Anetsberger

February 18, 2023

Patch Notes 0.8.22

With this article we will give you a detailed overview of all the new features and fixes we added in the latest patch 0.8.22.

Some of you may already know, but for those who don't, we recently created a public Trello board where you can always check what we are currently working on.

A Whole New Game

Finally! The new version of Knights of Cathena is live! We are very proud to not only bring you a more polished version of the game, but rather a whole new game experience. As quality takes time, you, the community had to wait longer than usual for this patch to be released but we think it was worth the wait! Let's dive into the patch notes.


  • New Arena Design
  • New Character Models
  • 3D Rendered Weapons
  • New battlefield UI
  • Quality Attribute & Golden Items
  • Item Merge Update & Item Multi-Merge
  • Paralell Actions
  • King now spawns not only when a character is killed but also when five turns have passed
  • Item Rebalancing
  • Reset Password

🎨 Design

In this patch we changed the art style and quality of the game drastically and updated several sections of the game.

  • New Arena Design

    • Upgraded design for the current battle arena - Uth'Arak

      New Arena Design

  • New Character Design

    • To set a more serious tone all character models have been completely reworked, paving the way for planned upcoming features

      New Character Design

    • New models
    • New animations
    • New attacks, defends, and heals
  • 3D Rendered Weapons

    • All weapons in Knights of Cathena are now rendered in 3D and are therefore visible on the battlefield and within the formation editor

      3D Rendered Weapons

  • New Battlefield UI

    • Battlefield UI has been reworked to provide you more information about the match and to achieve a more high quality look

      New HUD

    • 1. Overall character healthbar (now displayed as a orb)
    • 2. Overall ancient power bar that shows the total amount of ancient power left on the battlefield
    • 3. 3D character portrait of the selected character
    • 4. Attributes are now displayed as numbers rather than bars
    • 5. Newly designed traversal bar that is visualizing the current player's turn and a numeric value for the remaining traversal points
    • 6. End turn button
    • 7. Remaining time for the turn (the bar will be reduced when the turn has only 15 seconds left to make an action)
    • 8. Settings button to allow for audio and quality adjustments during gameplay
    • 9. Name of a player
    • 10. Rank of a player
    • 11. Damage estimation on targeted character
    • 12. Attack confirm button now displayes the chance to land a hit on the planned attack

🎮 Gameplay

In addition to the overall upgrade of existing gameplay features and design there are also new ones coming to this patch.

  • Quality Attribute & Golden Items

    • New item attribute: Quality
    • Attribute view rework with added quality attribute
    • Quality is a percentage value from 1% to 100%
    • The higher the quality of an item, the better the attributes will be, 100% quality represents a perfect item and will be displayed as golden (see image below)
    • Inventory Detail View

  • Item Merge & Item Multi-Merge

    • With the new quality attribute, players have to be more cautious of what items they merge, in general the rule is: The better the items you merge the better the result
    • The quality of an item can be increased while merging.
    • Merge preview UI for a convenient merge process (players can immediately see what item the planned merge will result in)
    • As one of the most requested features in the past, Multi-Merge has been added to the game

      Multi Merge

    • As the name implies, Multi-Merge will merge all in the current selected category (including a Multi-Merge button in the top-level inventory where players can merge all items based on the filter they have activated)
    • There are two options for multi merging: "Allow Quality Loss" and "Accept Quality Waste".
    • Allow Quality Loss: If enabled, the suggested merge pairs will also include matches where the quality of the merge result is lower than the highest input quality
    • Accept Quality Waste: If enabled, the suggested merge pairs will als include matches where the input qualities were higher than they needed to be to get best result
    • If both are disabled, only the most efficient merge pairs will be suggested
  • Parallel Actions

    • Players no longer need to wait until a character has completed an action until they can move another character, actions are now parallelized and can be given while another action is still playing

  • The king now spawns not only when a character is killed but also when five turns have passed
  • Item Rebalancing

    • As there were overall major problems with the current item attributes we adjusted everything from ground up and rebalanced the whole game

    • Knight: Fits more into the tank role - reduced damage and high defense in comparison to the other characters

    • Hunter: Now more of a single target sniper with increased accuracy but easier to kill

    • Mage: Multi target damage dealer which inflicts the most damage but with a less flexible attack pattern than the hunter

    • Priest: Typical healer role with adjusted attributes to make him a more resourceful on the battlefield

    • Drastically nerfed Lifesteal, Selfheal, and Evasion

    • Double attack attribute has been removed

    • Character damage modifier attributes on equipment has been removed

  • Reset Password
    • Players can now reset their password directly within the game
  • Account Linking
    • Additional social buttons in the profile allow the player to link serveral social logins to one account so players can play and log in to the same account on different devices more easily

👷‍♂️ Bug Fixes

Bugs appear now and then and we are eager to find them all!

  • Characters can no longer get stuck during animations

  • Audio slider now work properly

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Lukas Anetsberger

February 18, 2023

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