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All information about the new game version 0.8.21


Lukas Anetsberger

October 20, 2022

Patch Notes 0.8.21

With this article we will give you a detailed overview of all the new features and fixes we added in the latest patch 0.8.21.

Some of you may already know, but for those who don't, we recently created a public Trello board where you can always check what we are currently working on.


  • Automatic reconnect after connection loss
  • Resuming running matches after connection loss or closing the app
  • Fudamental UI structure rework (allows the UI to be rendered correctly on uncommon aspect ratios)
  • All numbers are now formatted with correct decimal and thousand/group separators
  • Gameplay camera is now freely movable during opponent's turn
  • Redesigned rank icons
  • Main menu ambience for local daytime (Dusk, Day, Dawn, Night)
  • Evasion system update (resulting in reduced evasion streaks)
  • Discord integration for everyone to see that you're playing Knights of Cathena
  • Chest opening overhaul (no longer blocks the game while underlying blockchain transaction is handled)
  • Quest tabs are now fully clickable and switch the quests even when clicked on the tab icon
  • Improved rewards calculation after a match has ended
  • Stabilization of $CGO rewards claiming

🎮 Gameplay

In this patch we added some major updates UI-wise and increased the unique ambience of Knights of Cathena alongside with cool new gameplay features.

  • Reworking the fundamental UI structure

    • We did an overall rework of how we set up our UI in the game. With that we fixed most of our major glitches we had (cut-off buttons, stretched elements, etc) and made the game playable for uncommon aspect ration devices such as tablets
  • Number formatting

    • All numbers (e.g. token amounts, Ancient Power, etc) in the game are now displayed with your local decimal and thousand/group separators
  • Moving camera during opponent's turn

    • The camera is now freely movable again even when it's not your turn
  • New rank icons

    • We heard your feedback when you told us that the ranking icons are somewhat confusing. Therefor we came up with a new design for our them that should speak for itself and make progression easily recognizable for everyone

      New Ranks

  • Extended background ambience in the main menu

    • To make the game more lively, we updated the main menu background. Now, depending on the local time of the player's device, the main menu adjust to the current time of the day. To round off the mood we even added new ambient music for each daytime.

      Here is a sneak peak of how the night version looks:

      Main Menu Night

  • Evasion system update

    • After a character evades an attack, his evasion value will be halved. Once hit from an opponent, the evasion will be doubled again until the original value is restored. This makes an evasion streak much less likely, without reducing the worth of items that have evasion-heavy attributes
  • Discord Rich Presence

    • Knights of Cathena has now a Discord integration so everyone of your friends can see when you play

      Discord Rich Presence

  • Automatic reconnect after connection loss

    • We are now able to automatically reconnect the player after one's connection got interrupted, rather than forcing players to restart the game
  • Resuming running matches

    • No more lost matches because of disconnects! After countless sleepless nights we managed to rewrite our match system to allow for automatic reconnects after a player lost one's connection, making the game much more enjoyable, especially on mobile devices
  • Chest opening system overhaul

    • Opening chests no longer blocks the game while underlying blockchain transaction is handled
    • Chests can now be claimed in the main menu after they are opened

      Main Menu Claim Chests

    • Chests can now be opened and claimed from the inventory as well

      Inventory Claim Chests

    • Opening chests is now not a mere 2D UI, instead we introduced a full 3D environment

      Chest Opening Scene

    • Several chests can now be bought, opened and claimed directly one after another, without having to wait for transactions to be completed
  • Fallback for chests that have not opened correctly

    • Usually if something goes wrong while opening a chest, players would have gotten their well earned items with the next chest they open. This seemed rather unfair so we introduced a popup that appears while entering the main menu if any chests were stuck during opening

      Unclaimed Items

👷‍♂️ Bug Fixes

Bugs appear now and then and we are eager to find them all!

  • Quest tabs are now fully clickable and switch the quests even when clicked on the tab icon

  • Improved rewards calculation after a match has ended

    • Match rewards are now calculated more reliable. No more matches without players miss out on their rewards.
  • Stabilization of $CGO rewards claiming

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Lukas Anetsberger

October 20, 2022

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