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All information about the new game version 0.8.20


Lukas Anetsberger

September 15, 2022

Patch Notes 0.8.20

With this article we will give you a detailed overview of all the new features and fixes we added in the latest patch 0.8.20.

Some of you may already know, but for those who don't, we recently created a public Trello board where you can check what we are currently working on.

🎮 Gameplay

A lot of work on this patch was focused on the overall gameplay experience. Based on the feedback we got from our community we changed the following

  • Overhauled tile indication system

    • Not only the design of the tiles has been changed slightly, players can now see the attack pattern of the selected character while planning a move

    Board Visuals Movement

    New board visualization in the movement mode

  • Player indicators (circles) on the characters have been reworked

  • Cinematic camera cuts for battles have been removed

    • One of the most requested updates was; speeding up the gameplay. The removal of cinematic camera cuts on the battlefield is the first step to achieve this. This way, players will be able to plan their actions better and have a better overview of the entire arena without being blindsided by the recurring camera cuts we had before
  • Handling the opponent turn

    • As we removed the cinematic camera cuts for battles, we needed to make sure that players do not miss any actions the opponent takes on his turn. Therefore we came to the solution that, while the opponent is in charge, we fixate the players camera and properly visualize the opponent's turn

    Opponent Turn

    Opponent's turn is now visualized more actively

  • Information popover element for Attributes in the UI

    • Now players can click on the attributes in the UI (Inventory, Formation Editor, etc) and will get a short description of how the attribute affects the gameplay

    Attribute Popover

    Attribute popover with detailed information

  • New animated main menu background

    • New animated main menu background to spice things up a bit

    New Main Menu Background

    New animated main menu background

  • Title scene updates

    • Added keyboard navigation for email login forms
    • New title scene logo
    • New buttons for settings and clear cache

    Title Scene Updates

    Title scene with new logo and new buttons

👷‍♂️ Bug Fixes

Bugs appear now and then and we are eager to find them all!

  • Players will no longer be stuck on the battlefield anymore once the game has ended

    • In some matches, the game froze because a match has ended but the players did not receive the corresponding match result message from the backend
  • Traversal bar in the match now always displays the correct value and refreshes correctly on turn change

  • No more ghost pawns!

    • Several users reported a bug where some ghost pawns where spawned on the battlefield. This will finally no longer be the case
  • Character health bars on the battlefield will no longer block a character to be clicked

  • Received items are now visualized properly after opening a chest

  • Offers on the marketplace can now be closed even after filtering

  • Selected chests are now visualized properly when selected in the inventory

  • The end turn button in battle will now play it's click sound only once after clicking

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Lukas Anetsberger

September 15, 2022

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