The ultimate guide to chests in Knights of Cathena.


Lukas Anetsberger

September 19, 2023

Chests in Knights of Cathena

We're all familiar with the concept of loot boxes in games: you acquire them, open them up, and uncover your epic treasures. Yes, it's that straightforward, even in the realm of Knights of Cathena. However, there's more to our in-game chests than meets the eye.

Many of you might not yet be aware of the exciting vision we have for these chests within the game. Why is that? Well, up until now, we haven't had the chance to share these details with you. But fear not, because that's about to change with this article!

Next Level Loot

For those who are new to the game, let's provide a brief overview of what chests represent in the world of Knights of Cathena. In simple terms, chests allow players to acquire valuable equipment items (NFTs) for their characters as they engage in battles. For example, knights can obtain swords, archers can acquire bows, and all character types can secure various types of armor.

These items play a pivotal role in not only advancing on the leaderboard but also in the ranking system for each season. The higher a player ascends in the season's ranking, the more rewarding their loot will be at the season's conclusion. However, we'll delve deeper into this topic in a future post.

Chest Items

The Current Presale

As we eagerly anticipate the game's mainnet launch on September 30th, players can already start acquiring chests on the mainnet through our website.

Make sure to take advantage of our current limited-time offer:

📢 Act now to enjoy a 30% discount, available until September 19th at 00:00 UTC! 📢

Following this offer, we have two more discounts lined up:

20% discount until September 24th at 00:00 UTC.
10% discount until September 29th at 00:00 UTC.

Don't miss out on these fantastic savings!

Chest Items

Why Should I Purchase Chests Now?

In straightforward terms, this discount has a limited timeframe and will conclude with the mainnet launch. This means that not only can traders who aren't particularly invested in Knights of Cathena purchase these items, but they can also sell them on our marketplace once the game goes live, potentially increasing their profits.

However, for dedicated gamers, this presents a golden opportunity to secure a substantial collection of items in preparation for the game's launch. By doing so, they can accelerate their progress through the ranks, ultimately leading to greater $CGO rewards.

Future Plans - How To Extend This

The core essence of Knights of Cathena revolves around its vibrant item economy, serving as the cornerstone for our project's expansion. This signifies an ongoing evolution. We will continually introduce an array of items enriched with unique strategic elements, captivating players and immersing them in the adventure.

With each new wave of items we bring into the fold, you can anticipate an exciting assortment of chests to complement them. You're likely already acquainted with the initial type of chests, known as "1st Edition," which are currently available for purchase at a fixed price of 40k $CGO upon launch.

To ensure that we can consistently welcome fresh faces into the Knights of Cathena realm, we'll unveil new types of chests, containing new items, featuring $CGO prices that adapt to the prevailing market conditions.

This approach is designed to safeguard against a scenario where escalating $CGO prices and diminishing in-game rewards would hinder new players from obtaining brand-new item chests using the $CGO rewards they've earned while playing the game.


In summary, the time to secure your Knights of Cathena chests is now. This limited-time opportunity, with discounts available until the mainnet launch, holds distinct advantages.

For traders, it's a chance to invest early and potentially profit by selling items on our marketplace once the game is live.

For avid gamers, this is your moment to stock up on items before the launch, ensuring a competitive edge as you ascend the ranks and earn more $CGO rewards.

Don't delay – act now to harness these benefits and embark on your Knights of Cathena adventure. The clock is ticking, and the rewards await those who seize this opportunity today.

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Lukas Anetsberger

September 19, 2023

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