A new reward distribution mechanic comes to life


Lukas Anetsberger

March 08, 2024

Worthy Mortals should also be wealthy ones. A healthy and stable token economy is one of the most important key pillars for all the goals we strive for. Take a look at the changes to see the next level of potential that comes with it.


We faced several flaws in rewarding players accordingly for spending time in the ecosystem. With these changes made, we will further strengthen the ecosystem to be ready for the upcoming growth in the Year of Adoption.

Please read the complete blog post for an in-depth understanding, but here are the key takeaways:

  • "Boost your $CGO earnings through skillful play and strategic prowess in every match"
  • "Victory or Defeat - every battle fought earns you $CGO, based on effort and engagement"
  • "Aim for the top ranks for a shot at the highest reward shares"
  • "Many more to come in the Year of Adoption"

The Journey and Its Challenges

The $CGO token is based on a concept that we call "Proof of Play". This means the more time is invested into the ecosystem by players, the more value the token and the ecosystem hold. In terms of match rewards, we noticed a "Winner-takes-all" approach is very vulnerable to bad behavior, e.g. win-trading, resigning a match early, etc.

As Knights of Cathena is a strategy game, it only takes some mistakes in a fight and minutes of intense clashing can lead to a defeat and ultimately without any reward. Therefore, the losing player has no opportunity to gear up and be better prepared for the next fight.

New Reward Token Distribution

We take a big step away from the current approach to a new comprehensive scoring system that rewards players for their in-battle performance. With that being said, the winner AND the loser will be rewarded from now on ✨πŸͺ™βš”️

Knowing that increased engagement leads to higher rewards, players will therefore be motivated to improve their skills, learn new strategies, and fully engage with all aspects of the game. This creates a more competitive and dynamic environment. With rewards tied to performance and engagement, players are incentivized to compete against opponents of similar skill levels and beyond for more balanced and satisfying matches.

By allowing all participants to earn $CGO based on their actions in battle, the system is more inclusive, offering rewards to a broader range of players, not just the top competitors. This fairness will strengthen the game's community and ecosystem by encouraging continued participation from a wider audience.

This kind of distribution will stimulate the in-game economy by ensuring more players have access to $CGO rewards. This will increase the traction of the game even further and encourage the purchase of items, upgrades, or other in-game assets.

Combat Score

To compare the battle performance between opponents, we introduce the term "Combat Score". Generally, each player is solely responsible for his score. We rate the following actions on the battlefield - for now.

Attack The numbers of attacks are added up and transformed into a scoring number.
Commander Attack The numbers of attacks on the commander are added up and transformed into a scoring number. An attack on the commander is rated higher than a single attack on units.
Killing a unit Killing a unit and its respective Ancient Power (AP) are added up and transformed into a scoring number.

πŸ“’ All scoring metrics are subject to change and will be enhanced over time. All scorings are limited to prohibit abuse. πŸ“’

Game Quality

In the past, there were intentionally unfair matchups between players or the purpose to avoid a real, competitive battle for rewards. To overcome this problem, which is crucial for a stable ecosystem, and to ensure battles are the perfect balance between rewarding and challenging, we establish the "Game Quality" rating.

In contrast to the Combat Score, the Game Quality is mostly independent of player-specific performance and rates the overall match setup from a general perspective.

Game Quality will settle the possible reward amount for this particular match, based on:

Match Time Duration of the match from start to end.
Ancient Power Balance Comparison of the Ancient Power of both opponents.
Combat Balance Comparison of the combat scorings of both opponents.
Surrender Surrendering will reduce the rewards for the loser (does not affect the winner's reward)

πŸ“’ All scoring metrics are subject to change and will be enhanced over time. All scorings are limited to prohibit abuse. πŸ“’

Rank Distribution

There are also changes coming to our rank distribution system. We're fine-tuning the rewards across all ranks, with bigger rewards awaiting those who advance to higher leagues. This change acknowledges the effort and resources needed to compete at the top, providing a bigger incentive for players aiming for higher ranks.

For those climbing the ranks, this is a great opportunity to push further and unlock the greatest share of the reward. While rewards at lower ranks are being adjusted, there's still plenty of value and achievement to be gained at every level. It's all part of the plan to make the game most rewarding throughout our player base.

In the future, there will also be non $CGO rewards with certain drop chances added into the game but this will be covered in a separate blog post.

Sharing Rewards

With the new system comes a somewhat new reward calculation. Rather than only determining the reward for the match by the winner's rank, we now add up the maximum amount of $CGO that can be won by both the winner and the loser as the pot of the match.

After a match has ended, the Combat Score and Game Quality will be analyzed and determine the players' share of the match pot.

There might be scenarios where "Game Quality" scores are reducing the possible reward amount for both. For example, when the match was abandoned early or a player joined with respectively insufficient ancient power formation. πŸ™Œ Low-Quality Game, Low-Quality Rewards.

The following fundamentals are worth mentioning:

  • Winning is still highly favored by a bonus to the combat score
  • Winning in an almost even and very close match, will not split the match reward in half, more likely a 75:25 ratio
  • Winning against a player, who has a significantly smaller combat score, will earn you up to 90% of the match rewards

New Match Result Visuals

We rework the match result screen to display both players' combat performance and game quality. We want to offer a brief but transparent look at the winner's/loser's earnings for a match. This will be covered in the next patch in detail.


πŸ’‘ What do I have to change now?

Nothing in particular. Bring your best strategy and items to the battle, improve over time and earn your rewards.

πŸ’‘ Do I earn less $CGO now?

No! The progress in earning $CGO is steady and more aligned with our intentions of the tokenomics.

πŸ’‘ How can I change my Combat Score?

Combat Score consists of attacking and killing enemy units and/or commander. All scores are limited to prevent fraud.

However, attacking and killing is always a good strategy to go for in a turn-based tactics game.

πŸ’‘ How can I change the Game Quality?

Game Quality is measured by the setup of the match played and represents the balance between Ancient Power and match duration. Abandoning a game too early will notably reduce your Game Quality and as a result also your rewards.

πŸ’‘ Do I earn more scoring or $CGO the longer I stay in game?

No! The max score for "Match Time" is always achieved by a regular match.

πŸ’‘ Why is the new reward distribution better for the players?

The new system rewards players based on their performance, strategies, and in-game decisions, rather than simply winning or losing. This places a higher value on player skill and tactical planning and recuces the impact of luck on rewards.

πŸ’‘ Why is the new reward distribution better for the ecosystems/rewards?

The list is long. With rewards tied to performance, players are incentivized to compete more for balanced and satisfying matches. The system's flexibility allows us - the team - to adjust scoring and rewards based on gameplay data and feedback. By discouraging undesirable behaviors and rewarding reasonable ones, we reward a wider audience for their gameplay in a more fair way than before.

πŸ’‘ Is there any further information about tokenomics, economics and so on?

Feel free to check out our liteΒ paper.

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Lukas Anetsberger

March 08, 2024

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